When most people think of NFTs, they think of overpriced art, digital collectibles, and very expensive pictures of cartoon monkeys.
Or How Web3 Allows Anyone To Own Anything Without Asking For Permission From Anyone
Kazm attended D2’s Decentralized Summit last week in NYC. Unlike other web3 conferences, D2 focused on how traditional brands and businesses (think…
It’s not uncommon to read announcements of new brands and companies dipping their toes into web3. But in this steady stream of news reports, some…
NFTs have made their breakthrough. In the last two years, burgeoning awareness and adoption of NFTs has spurred billions worth of transactions. Even…
Was it ColonelMustard.eth in the Discord with the candlestick NFT?
Web3 offers a model for new kinds of communities that thrive by engaging individuals on public blockchains instead of centralized technology platforms…
Public blockchains – distributed, decentralized databases that anyone can access – are a key building block of Web3. Unlike the guarded databases of…
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